Le Maj - Tanami, Oh my God...

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  1. As some of you know I´m considering getting the Berkeley Ebene even though I have the Berkeley Azur. But the Ebene is just growing on me...

    So I called the store today and yes, they had a Berkeley Ebene. Then I asked about the Tanami colour in Suhali since I have yet to see it IRL and wanted to hear if there´s any news about it. And they have ONE bag in that colour - but not just any bag, oh no - THE MAJESTUEUX! :wtf: Which is the very same bag I asked my SA to call me about if they got it!

    So I rushed to the store after work. It turns out that my SA is on holiday and they just got the Majestueux in Tanami, which they was´nt even supposed to. So this is a one time strike.

    It´s perfect, absolutely stunning! Beautiful red colour, not bright red but deep red. Like I hoped for...:Push:

    So what´s a girl to do?? It´s pretty much more than what I thought I would get a new bag for right now. But this is THE chance since they only have one and don´t expect to get any more. The SA was so very very sweet to put it on hold for me until Monday - which I think is sublime service since they only have this one, but hey - I guess she can see what a good customer I am and I´m always very nice and polite ;)

    The Berkeley I looked at as well, of course. But Le Maj sort of took the attention... Berkeley Ebene is not out of the picture for me, but what to do right now?? Should I take the big step and get Le Maj and (maybe) the Berkeley later this year? :Push:
  2. I say go for the suhali you will be kicking yourself later.......get the berkeley later this year!
  3. Suhali all the way!!!!!
  4. And I thought my biggest prb right now was whether or not I could justify getting another Berkeley :Push:

    Note to self: Don´t ever call LV or enter the store again! :P
  5. Get the Suhali!!! You can get ANOTHER Berkeley anytime...
  6. IF you can afford it, go for the Suhali! If you don't you will be kicking yourself for a long time.
  7. I never liked the Suhali line...but I recently have been giving it a good look, and I think I might be in LOVE!!! So my vote is the Suhali!!!!!!!
  8. Suhali!!!
  9. You can't beat Suhali! Go for it :yes:.
  10. Suhali!
  11. go for the suhali
  12. Definitely the Tanami! It was fate that your store got a Le Maj!
  13. LOL, you might be right:biggrin:
  14. #14 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    SUHALI!!! Not only is it glamorous, the leather wears like a bulletproof vest! I've got a black lockit and the darn thing is indestructible!

    I'm a huge fan of the Berkeley, but she'll be here later. This is a message from above (or temptation from below LOL!) and you need that Suhali!
  15. Go for it...