LE Magenta w/GGH- My perfect bag!!

  1. After over 4 months of waiting my Magenta City is finally here!! I've never been so hyped and excited about a bag EVER, i was shaking opening her (gender has been determined, i shouldn't be surprized it's a girl!;))

    She is SO gorgeous! The most perfect bright purpley pink colour and the leather is totally TDF! It's thick, chewy, and already so soooffffttt. I'm SO glad i went with GGH, the bag is very ME which i love! I used her all day today and got lots of compliments. I even was asked by a PFer randomly if it was the limited Magenta bag and when i asked how she knew or whatever she said she was on "an internet forum thing" and i was like- "PURSEFORUM?!" hahahaha If you're reading this i don't remember your name, but hi!!:p

    So ooonnn to pictures! Tomorrow i'll post some new family shots, this is going to be my last bbag for a while but i truly am SO happy with my collection! This bag is just PERFECT!

    Right out of the box w/flash-

    Modeling pic(i dressed just for her this morning!hehe)-


    In sunlight w/o flash-


    Hope you enjoy looking at her as much as i do!!:wlae:
    MAGENTA 001.jpg MAGENTA 004.jpg MAGENTA 006edit.jpg MAGENTA 009.jpg MAGENTA 010.jpg
  2. love your photos!!!! Congrats on the new bag
  3. Sammydoll you look sooo good......:yahoo:Super color.
    Very vibrant, congrats.....wish it was me.:p
  4. yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyy!! She's gorgeous, just like you!
  5. It's gorgeous! I think the leather on these is some of the best I've seen. Not '05 but close. Once it's broken in, they may rival '05 leather.
  6. hc1871- Thank yoouu!
    swissflower- Thank you sooo much! I was actually feeling a little sick today, she definitely brightened up my day! :smile:
    havanese_pls- That is so sweet of you, thank you!!:heart:
    powderpuff- Definitely! Don't get me wrong i LOVE my other bags but this one is just veryvery special!
  7. OMG< She's gorgeous! Congrats on your new Baby.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. OMG, this is beyond gorgeous!

    Big congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. dabaicai & tooshies- Thank you, glad you love her! :smile::smile:
  10. You are too cute!!

    Enjoy your bag
  11. ahhh you're too adorable! congrats on your magenta!
  12. *dannccess* you guys are too sweet! And Fayden- you're pretty cute yourself! I love you and all your Blythes! heh :smile:
  13. sammydoll.. not only your bag is pretty, but you are also beautiful and fresh looking !! :smile: :smile:
  14. ^^ *blush* thank you!
  15. you have that just-got-my-le-magenta glow! it's a gorgeous bag and your rock it beautifully!