LE Magenta: sorry I have been AWOL but is it here?

  1. my card was charged for the LE Magenta standard and the silver ones.. I pulled out of the silver one but since then , I have had no news on the LEs... :crybaby:
  2. They have definitely arrived...I want to say September, but I didn't purchase one so I'm not positive. I would call Bal right away if your card was charged but you never received your bag!
  3. Yeah I be pretty worried. I've seen lots of pictures of the LE magenta floating around here so I'd call BalNY immediately.
  4. Maybe it's the new season Magenta, and not the limited one?
    Either way call them! If they charged you, you should at least have a bag to show for it!
  5. can I check what is the difference between LE magenta and new season magenta? Terry tells me my card was definitely charged but they prob forgot to send it to me!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!