LE Magenta--Should I call this defect??

  1. My Magenta GGH and my cousin's Magenta RH~

    What do you ladies think?

    If I need to exchange them I have to hurry. I am so afraid BalNY will have nothing left for exchange, and after such a long waiting, we want them to be perfect:crybaby:

    My GGH Magenta. It looks like discoloration, and the seam looks really miserable.


    My cousin's RH Magenta. Same place- the bottom side. Also see discoloration


    DSC00842.jpg DSC00838.jpg DSC00825.jpg DSC00826.jpg
  2. Hmmm, to me it looks like the leather rubbed against something rough there... Like the corners of older bags, that were put down on the floor or concrete. It would bother me too! :crybaby:

    I doubt they have any spare magentas for exchange... But I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :yes: . This must be so disappointing... after all this wait... I hope BalNY can work something out for you! Good luck!
  3. ohh that's so wierd that it's in the same place.....definately call!
  4. That would bother me, too! I am very picky as you should be when you spend this amount of money on a bag. I'd call or email them pics.
  5. I'm so sorry to say that I agree...:crybaby:
  6. yes, call and return asap
    my experience with BalNY is that if you hold on to it for more than a second they will say that it is some damage that you have done to the bag. So don't wait!
  7. I already called and emailed it to my SA. She sounds very nice and hopefully her solution will also be nice
  8. Nobody who received the LE Magenta has such problems so far?
  9. Im sorry joyfishyu that this happened to you..
    I think its the right thing to do because youve waited long enough for it and you should be 110% satisfifed with ur purchase..
    I hope everything works out fine for u and ur cousin
  10. The part that looks worn I would consider a defect. It looks a little scraped, almost. On the other hand, the color differentiation at the seam (on the second bag) is in the range of normal and I've seen it on several bags (including one that I own).Speaking from my personal experience, Balenciaga considers that normal color variation within their dye process and will not regard that as a flaw. It's a join of two pieces of leather and each piece may take the dye somewhat differently. I'd consider it a variation along the lines of having the leather around the buckles and the little face part in front being a slightly different shade, which I see very often.
  11. Just to be clear - if you and your cousin don't like the bags, they should go back. You should like the way they look.I'm just saying that Balenciaga may not consider the second as having a "flaw".
  12. Oh good grief after all this waiting.....:crybaby: I'm sooo sorry - it would make me nuts too. If I did it myself, it'd be bad enough but to receive it new this way would make my mind go ":wtf:"......
    No - as I've seen today, I'd be :crybaby: + :cursing: = me

    You have to beg and plead. They should be exchanging it for another. Do you really think they don't have any more? I find that hard to believe....what about us ladies that never ordered one? Are we SOL? :sad:
  13. Yes I had the same problem except it is on the underside of the piece of leather holding the ring tot he handle. I am pretty pissed about it, but my SA hasn't called me back.
  14. Thank you all for your input.

    wiggligirl - After reading your experience, I feel better about the second bag. It is true that a certain degree of variation is allowed on bags, taking the nature of leather into consideration. And thank you for pointing that out =)

    I am still waiting for my SA to get back to me, hopefully there will be a good solution to at least the GGH Magenta.
  15. MrsShoeGal- I am so sorry to know that. Is the spot very obvious? Mine caught my eye when I first brought it out from the box, that is why I don't feel comfortable. If I can notice that so easily, others will do too. Hope your SA will give you a good solution too. Fingers crossed for us:crybaby: