LE MAgenta Question

  1. Ok, i know this is probably asked on a weekly basis around here but i need to know:p, am i too late to put my name on the list for the Magenta? and are they being made in all styles?
  2. I know it's only being offered in the city style, with a choice of either RH, SGH or gold GH, but I don't know about being too late or not. Just give them a call and ask!
  3. I think there are still some LEs left. There will also be a Magenta bag in the spring collection of next year, which will presumably come in all the styles. There isn't a swatch yet, though, so we don't know if it will be the same colour that the LE and '05 bags are, or if it's a different pink. Bal tends to use the same name over and over for different colours. :hrmm:

    If the old Magenta is the one you want to be sure to get, call BalNY right away. There's just no guessing what the new one will be like...
  4. I would definitely call up and ask :yes: I know there was a few posts here a while ago where posters cancelled their orders, so just judging from that I'm going to guess that they probably have a few :yes:

    And different names for verrrrry similar colors lol