LE Magenta in Regular or Silver Giant hardware?

  1. I need the help from my fellow Balenciaga addicts on choosing which magenta to go with. I love the regular hardware but the SGH is stunning, can you guys help me make a choice? :flowers:
  2. I used to prefer the Regular until i saw the picture of a trip one of Tpfer to BalNY where she took picture of Magenta in SGH, it is just so beautiful. But you need to decide based on what you really like, some people don't like the GH on city, some really like it. It is just depending on one's taste. It is a beautiful color though :nuts::wlae:
  3. I think the bags look *gulps* boring without the GH! JMHO, ladies don't shoot!
  4. I think that the Giant hardware looks really chic right now... but in a year or two, it will look outdated and tacky... it really depends on how long you want to keep the bag for... you could always sell it on eBay after a year or two
  5. The Magenta with SGH just POPs...it's stunning!
  6. Both bags will be absolutely stunning, but for something that special I think i would opt for SGH. Magenta will really lend itself well to silver hardware. Can't wait to see it IRL.
  7. I was on the fence about the regular hardware or the giant silver. I ended up going with the regular but i'm worried i made the wrong choice!!

    I say go with the Giant hardware if you think the regular looks boring hehe ;) They are both spectacular!! :girlsigh:
  8. i went with the RH bc its lighter and this is a bag that i want to use as an everyday bag.
  9. I did the exact opposite - I ordered the SGH at first, then called Terry and changed my order to the RH.

    It looks gorgeous with either, I suspect....but I just thought that the magenta color is likely to speak for itself, without needing something blingy like silver or gold GH to offset it. JMHO, though. I think the GH is absolutely beautiful as well. :yes:
  10. Me too luvmygirls0...I cancelled my order for the SGH and went with the RH.
  11. I went for the RH 2 months ago and never had a moment of doubt. The reason being, I've tried on all kinds of giant hardware bags, but they look too ostentatious on me. The overall look on me is awful. Whereas the RH is more understated, I feel comfortable carrying them, and they don't overshadow my wardrobe.

    Fergie on the other hand, looks better with GH bags, Maybe it's because she has a much LOUDER personality? You have to figure out what works for you since there are no returns.
  12. I like the RH. I can't imagine how it's even possible for magenta to be boring!
  13. LE Magenta comes only in the city size, isn't it? personally, I'd prefer it in RH as GH on city has way too much going on for me.
  14. What time does BALNY close on Sundays? I called at 3pm central time and was told that all the sales associates had left for the day???
  15. :tup::wtf:Does anyone have a pic of the magenta with