LE-Magenta 07 or Amethyst 08...need yr advices

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  1. hi....the thing is i saw A/W 08 collections. im totally in love with Amethyst. its so gorgeous color but i already have LE-Magenta07 so should i keep this LE Magenta and buy Amethyst or i should get both. i need yr advices pls.....:confused1:
  2. Hard decision.......I love both........maybe they are a tad too alike??? Post pics of your LE magenta so we can see how it looks and then maybe give you better advice??

  3. thanks....lovely64

    here is my bag

  4. both! they are both different and goegeous,
  5. If you love that color what is wrong with having two that are rather similar in color?? I say keep the Magenta you have and get the new color when it becomes available.
  6. LE Mag 07 is a GORGEOUS shade, I would keep it if I were you. Afterall Amethyst is not going to be out so soon so why not enjoy what you have first?
  7. Your LE Magenta is gorgeous IMO, have both if you can.
  8. If I were you, I'd keep the LE Magenta. If you could get the Amethyst 08, that's great. But I won't get rid of the LE Magenta in order to get the 08 Amethyst, my humble opinion.
  9. I'm afraid that if i hv both, one of them wouldnt be used....but from yr guys advices, i think i should keep it and wait for amethyst08 :angel:
    thanks so much
  10. WOW - your bag is gorgeous!!!! looks like incredible thick leather. i would keep her and enjoy her until amethyst comes out, then decide :yes:
  11. i say both!! and if after a few days/weeks/months you notice you like one bag more than the other, you can always sell it!!
  12. You could get another bag in the amethyst or you could get an accessory, cp, money wallet, mu in the amethyst.
  13. Can you tell me where I can see the Amethyst colour. Thank you.
  14. ^^^I'd like to see it too!!!
  15. Both!!!! I have LE magenta with rh and plan on getting the Amethyst in either the day or twiggy