LE Lime RH City

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  1. Got this email from my SA in Bal NY today! :yahoo:

    "We will be receiving a Limited Edition City in lime green with classic hardware."

    They haven't got the bag yet, nor have they got pics of it, but they'll get them soon.

    Just thought I'd share the news, and if anyone has more info, do share!
  2. Limited edition of 50, as far as I know!
  3. :wtf::confused1:
  4. brings back memories... of LE magenta...
  5. ... yeah, and ultimately ... how "limited" was that color given that they then had Amethyst and now Sorbet, etc. ...
  6. !! How exciting !!
  7. Oohhhhh, lime! Intriguing!
  8. That's good news! Thanks for sharing MichK
  9. Oh...I wonder if it will be like apple green!!! I am excited :smile:
  10. I'm hoping it's like 04 Anis! But AG would be such a treat too...
  11. Can't wait to see pictures..........thanks for sharing
  12. I'm wondering if it will be like apple green too! I hope pics show up soon!
  13. Interesting!!! Very curious to see the actual color...
  14. Can't wait to see such a le baby!!
  15. Hey ... I just had a thought ... :thinking:

    Remember in '05 ... where the stores were filled with all the AG bags ('cause for some strange reason, people didn't initially like the color?!!?). Well, maybe Bal made the boutiques send all the AG bags back (sound familiar?!?) ... and then decided to re-release them as a "new" limited edition bag?!?! :greengrin: :graucho: