Le Grande Debate of All

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  1. What do you think?

    We spend so much time and energy (albeit great fun) wondering about Damier Neverfull's and Damier Azur Lockit's and other pieces we wish existed.

    Then we special order--and wait. And some of us are even denied from placing special orders.

    1. Do you think there is a sophisticated marketing strategy at hand here by LVMH?
    2. Or is it simply a laissez-faire approach, as in, Louis will make what it wants when it wants; we are Louis?
    Either way, love your Louis and love your life.
  2. I think there's a little of both. Most, if not all, pieces seem to be introduced in mono first. I suppose if the piece didn't do well and it was produced in multiple lines there would be an excess of product. Additionally by offering different pieces in different lines this allows for more variety. I would like a BH in Damier but doubt I'll ever see that without an SO. It's the design of the bag I love so I may purchase in mono, but if it would later be introduced in damier I'd certainly get it...an voila, LV would then have sold me two bags in the same style by delaying introduction, when if it had been available in the damier initially I probably would only have purchased that bag. So it could be part of a strategic business plan as well.
    Interesting topic!
  3. Jessiebug you have a great prospective on that :tup: and I agree with you.

    An SA told me a few wks ago that a bag has to be out 5 yrs before you can SO it in another print. ie - I was asking about the Mono Lockit in Damier.
  4. Jessiebug, you do have a good interpretation and I agree. Edsbgrl, I didn't know about waiting 5 years. I never thought of that with my Mountsouris GM. I just went in and ordered it.

    With a five year limit, it would seem that with the way basic bags are offered now, anything popular will automatically be offered in damier, some time in those five years. Clever.

    Glad I own LVMH stock!
  5. I believe a bag has to be out 18 months to 2 years before you can SO
  6. I think Louis Vuitton does what it wants.