Le Garage Sale @ Austin, TX this weekend

  1. Anyone living in or near Austin, or willing to drive to Austin should go! It's totally worth it, I've gone the past two times, but I can't go this weekend cause I'm not driving three hours there and back from home for it... :snaps fingers:


    Think of it like a huge sample sale! The downtown Austin boutiques and others are the main participants for the event, so it's definitely cute stuff, and I think it's ten times better than those Denim Revolution events

    btw, this happens twice a year, once around Feb, and once around Aug
  2. Thanks for the info! I went to the one in Feb and loved it. Will definitely try to make it for this one too. :woohoo:
  3. Thanks for posting! I may have to make the drive.
  4. Gasp! Really! I'm home in dfw until my Austin apt move-in date next week , and I told myself not to expend the cost of gas for it, but if you're going maybe I will try to go after all! I won't be the only one then :biggrin:
  5. How fun is that!! Thanks for posting Snoopy- will have to check it out.:tup:
  6. Thanks! I'll tell my sister. I was going to be there this weekend, but with the rains coming, we canceled
  7. Ooooh!!! I did not know about this. I'm in San Antonio, but I'm close enough to Austin so I hope this rain goes away so I can go!!!
  8. Noooo weatherrrrr :{ now how can I go, darn tires on wet roads :{

    Maybe if we're lucky Texas will just be fickle and indecisive long enough for us to make it there and back XD
  9. Do any of you know if they sell any men's merchandise there? Let me know.
  10. I believe so? Some of those boutiques do, Octane does for sure and I'm pretty sure they're on the list

    But of course, there really won't be much of a selection of men overall compared to women's