LE Fetish Lockit - can anyone share their thoughts?

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  1. i have the opportunity to buy a pre-loved LE Fetish Lockit that has never been used. i'd love to hear from anyone who has one about how the bag has held up. have there been any issues with the coated canvas? are there any cons to this beauty that i should be aware of?
  2. I still have mine when I first bought it. And I'm still using it rain or shine, I especially like to use it when its raining cause its waterproof. and no peeling on the coated canvas. I couldnt find any disadvantages about this beautiful bag other than the bag has to be hand held and no other option. I hope that helps!
  3. I don't have the bag, but I really like it :smile:
    I tried it three months ago in a consignment store and I loved the light interior made from leather. And I also liked how the canvas shines thanks to the coating.
    Sgj99, get it if you have the chance, it is such a stunning bag...
  4. that helps tremendously, thank you so much. my main concern is peeling but if you've used it this long and it hasn't happened then that is a very good sign. i'm okay with it being only hand-held since i don't carry shoulder bags. i've always regretted i missed my opportunity when this bag first came out and now that i have a chance i really wanted to get some feedback. thanks for giving me your input.:smile:
  5. nobody else has any opinions???