le fabuleux vs 3 LV's???? help!

  1. hi there
    im totally confused... should i get le fab or should i go for :
    1- manhattan pm +
    2- bedford , vernis +
    3- speedy 30..

    i do own a theda mc in white...so what should i get..:blink:
    le fab or the other 3 all together..????
    please help me making up my mind!!:hrmm:
    p10261108_ph_hero.jpg p10470364_ph_hero.jpg p10505897_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10804571_ph_hero.jpg
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This way you have a change :smile:
  3. Def. three LVs!!!:yes:
  4. is the le fab your dream bag or something that you've wanted for a long time? if it is, I'd say you get more out of it than the 3 LVs. But if it's just the same to you as one of the other 3 bags, definitely get the 3!!
  5. How bag that you want the le fab? I love le fab and would love to own one someday. If you've been dreaming of a le fab for a long time, then I'd say go for it!
  6. i'd say buy the three bags!!
  7. I agree - 3 bags..
  8. three-- the more the merrier!
  9. 3lv
  10. le fab...
  11. lol yup, get the three! Then you have variety!
  12. I love to have le fab someday especially black one...
    At the moment I think I will get 3 LV

    Have you dreamt about Le Fab in your sleep ?? if yes...get Le Fab.. :biggrin:
  13. Whenever I go to buy Louis Vuitton and I want ONE special thing (Le fab in your situation) I always think.. hmm I could get a couple things instead... but then I realize... sometimes less is more espically a le fab, they are FLAWLESS. Personally I would do the le fab, since you already have a MC bag. Either decision you decide to make will be great, everything you picked out is wonderful.
  14. Well, which one makes your heart go "pitter patter"?? If it's the Le Fab, then go for it!!! However, I can see how passing up 3 LV's at once would be soooooo hard!!
  15. I'd get the Le fab, it costs the most and when the price increases it'll go up the most lol.