Le fabuleux or Suhali Lockit?


I love...

  1. Le Fabuleux

  2. Suhali Lockit

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  1. I'm just curious to see if people prefer the lockit over the Le Fab. I read in another post that there wasn't going to be any ranibow suhali colors released, only the lockit in the exsiting LE colors. Maybe the lockit has become more popular/loved than the le fab?? I really want an orange!!! (in case no one remembers!)
  2. I like the lockit, but the le fab is one of my dreambags!!:love: :love: . on my wishlist for ages!! I read that post too i was gutted:crybaby: as i wanted to get my first le fab for the summer and i was hoping they would bring it out in orange or yellow ( fav colours)! I know quite a few people with the lockit but it never ocurred to me that it was becomming more popular than the le fab!
  3. If I had a choice and a woman, I would get a Le Fab. I saw a gold one on tv yesterday that I was drooling over. :nuts:
  4. Le Fab any day! love the lockit but They are completely different each do different things for me ;)
  5. I :heart: the Lockit!
  6. I love the Le Fab :yes:
  7. Le Fab
  8. I like the le fab.
  9. Le Fab! But I wouldn't turn down a lockit either!
  10. Le Fab!! Its a beautiful piece of art!! :love: and can be carried on the shoulders :yes: Love love love it.
  11. I picked the Suhali over the Le Fab. Both bags are too big for me, but I like the fact that the Suhali zips closed.
  12. le fabuleux!
  13. I like the le fab better! Still hoping that my SA was not telling me everything. =)
  14. Le Fab definitly, just too fabulous to say no to lol!
  15. Hands down Le Fab...