Le fabuleux or l'epanoui?

  1. I love both of these bags sooo much in black. My husband says save up and get one. If you have any of these, are they worth the $$$. What does everyone think about the style, comfort, etc?
  2. Are you considering the l'epanoui PM or GM? Either way, I prefer the l'epanoui.
  3. [​IMG]Le fab hands down. In black, or blue.

    I like the other bag as well, [​IMG]but due to its smaller size I think it would be perfect for dressier occassion bag. * i like this back in white or black.

    I guess if you are small person or dont carry much i'd go for [​IMG] opposed to the [​IMG]
  4. L'epanoui GM was the one.
  5. I own Le Fab and can't say enough good things about it!:love: One of my FAVORITE bags EVER!!! I was looking @ the L'Epanoui PM, which is a STUNNING bag BTW, but the only thing that stopped me from buying it is the fact that the bag always falls down.:nuts: So, I vote for Le Fab!!!
  6. Falls down ?
  7. Yes, because it's round on the bottom.
  8. Le Fab all the way..
  9. both bags are beautiful, and some months ago i was agonizing over the same thing too. here's what another PFer, who has both bags, advised me:

    i ended up getting the L'Epanoui GM in white, and i don't regret it :love:. i think it's less common than the Le Fabuleux (everybody seems to be getting it these days), and i don't see many people on this forum with the L'Epanoui.
  10. I love them both....but I'm saving for a le fab right now. But I'll probably change my mind!
  11. If I had to choose one, it would be the LE FAB for sure!!! :yes: :tender: :yes:

    I just got one in black and I LOVE it!!! :love: :love: :love:
  12. :sad: not good.
  13. :nuts: You lucky gal!! Pictures, we want pictures..
  14. I love yeuxhonnetes' Le Ep GM. Gorgeous bags but that one is my preference due to the closure.
  15. I love the look of the L'Épanoui GM.