Le fabuleux or Chloe paddington??

  1. Gaul I hate not be able to make up my mind...I have a geranium le fab should I sell for an orange chloe paddington? I'm considering a sell becuase I find the bag kinda hard to wear (color wise)

    No LV bias please

    Things to Know
    1. I have 4 other le fabs (it's my HG bag)
    2. I wear lots of green, navy, black, grey, and pink
    3. I have never carried a paddington IRL only seen pics
  2. Chlöé Paddington hon - it's a very cute bag and I see it in the city and it just makes me :drool: with envy each time
  3. If you have 4 other Le Fabs already and don't use it much, go for the Chloe!
  4. I find the paddington is very heavy, the leather is so yummy though..I don't mind edith satchel or clutch..
  5. Chloe paddington!:yes:
  6. i prefer the Le Fabuleux just because of the color. i don't like the Chloe Paddington in any other color except the Ivory.
  7. Chloe takes this race...no contest.
  8. I would say Le Fab, but if you have allready four and you don't use the geranium then go for the chloe!
  9. I saw the Chloe Paddington at Neiman's and quite honestly was not that impressed (although I didn't pick it up). If you want that type of style, I thought the Balenciaga bags were cuter. Just my opinion though, of course.

    I also loved Marc Jacobs Stam bag. :love:
  10. Go for Chloe then, if you already have 4 Le Fabs. I'm not that impressed w/ the model though but it's popular so it maybe good for collection.
  11. If you have 4 le fab´s, go for Chloe
  12. M,

    I have both. The chloe paddington is EXTREMELY heavy without any items in the bag, imagine it with a wallet, coin purse, cell phone, make up bag. It hurt my shoulders and back, like a burning sensation and it turned my skin red because of the straps and it was a pain using it to go shopping. The padlock gets in the way. I love the leather and it's a more casual bag. I grew out of the style and I rarely carry it. It's a more trendy piece. If I were you, go to the store an try one on and walk around with it on. You'll see where i'm coming from...

    I also have the Le Fab, remember we got the black one around the same time? I have no complaints and I love it!!! Wish I had all the colors like you. I know you adore them or you wouldn't have 5 of them. I say, keep the geranium. It's a hot color and you can always wear it with black for the holidays and then with jeans and black, white, or a printed top that has a little bit of geranium in it. I also see it with earthy colors because the color is so bold. I believe that color goes with a lot! You'll regret getting rid of it as you already have second thoughts on this whole deal. Specially when geranium is no longer available. HTH! =)
  13. I tried a few paddy's at Saks a while back and found the locks were quite heavy. They really are pretty though. I just think the le fab would hold its value better.
  14. Paddy:drool:
  15. I have the tan paddington and agree the bag is heavy itself. The bag is trendy (but not practical at all heavy and hard to open) and I didn't wear it much often as I thought.

    I'd say have a look around may be there are some cool bags or another LV styles but that my opinion only!!! :smile:
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