Le Fab - Too old for 22 years old??

  1. Hello everybody..

    I fall in love with Le Fab the first time is saw it.. And I am thinking to get one in white color soon.

    But some of my friends said that it is not suitable for me yet!! :shrugs:
    They suggest me to get other bags and get Le Fab next time..

    Do you think Le Fab will be suitable for 22 years old?? What do you guyz think?? :confused1:

  2. The Le Fabuleux is a classic style made of great quality leather with fantastic attention to detail. I've got the white Le Fab, and it remains one of my favourite pieces. It's really up to you, and not them to decide what you are comfortable with. And obviously it has appealed to you aesthetically, so go for it. That's why we are all individuals.
  3. Definitely not too old.
  4. The Le Fab is definitely not too old for you, you should get it if you want it!
  5. Le Fab too old for 22 .... whaaa :wtf:

    No way, the Le Fab is a simply gorgeous bag for ANY age. :love:

    If YOU (not your friends) love it .... then def get it girl. :yes:
  6. its all up to you and depends on what your fashion style is. If you like it then go ahead, take it :yes:
  7. No...you're never too young or old!!
  8. I think Le Fabuleux might be a little much for a 16 year-old, but not for someone who's 22! I'm 22 and I would LOVE a le fab.
  9. The Le Fab is a Fabulous bag, this is probably my favourite from the Suhali, I reccomend, no INSIST you get it:p
  10. I agree!
  11. No you're not too young or too old for it :smile:
  12. Thank you for all the opinions guyz!! :heart:
  13. hm... i think it depends on how you carry yourself. I personally think it's a bit mature for a 22 yr old, but if you've got style and class, then go for it! What about Le Tal or L'epanoui PM? They are gorgeous. :smile:
  14. It is not to old for you.
  15. Def. not too old... as long as it's in a vibrant colour.