Le Fab SUHALI white OR black?

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  1. HI, just seeing what color I should choose and is more appealing for a suhali le fab. BLACK or WHITE?

    Do you think the white will get dirty or color transfers from jeans?


    Ps...for the owners, have you had any problems?
  2. I have the white le fab, and it's actually pretty easy to keep clean. The leather is very durable. No color transfer worries either:smile: Sorry I'm no help on the choice I have the white and I just orderd the black about 5 mins. ago from elux!
  3. WHITE! :love:
  4. Both colors in my honest opinion are unbelievably gorgeous. However, I am really drawn to the black with gold trim, it is to die for.
  5. the white is my favorite color for the Suhali line!

    get white! :yes:
  6. Love the black!
  7. I vote white!
  8. i prefer the black one.
  9. i'm going to say BLACK!!!
  10. I want both, but can only get one.

    The only thing is I have a mc white speedy 30 that rubbed on my jeans and I can't get the stain off. I'm afraid thay it will happen again. Its just so ugly when I look at it. Ewww....

    I always tend to wear a lot of black too.

    HELP, as I would like to purchase the bag tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. It sounds like you're leaning toward the black :graucho: Both colors are gorgeous, but I prefer the white.
  12. And a matching PTI wallet too!
  13. They are both beautiful....but the white is stunning:love:
  14. Do most people wear it on their shoulder, crook of arm or hand held?
  15. if you can only have one get the black.
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