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  1. Can You Tell Me All The Colors ~ La Fab Has Ever Come In?

    This Is What I Have (Is This Correct?)

    -Noir (Black)
    -Blanc (White)

    -Sienna (Brown)

    Did It Ever Come In Silver Or Gold??? Which Ones Are Discontinued?
    I Have Always Wanted Suhali....Le Fab Is My All Time Favorite:heart: :heart: :heart:

    Hopefully ~ It's In My Near Future!!!

    If Anyone Knows....It Would Be So Helpful ......Thank You So Much!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. the silver and gold were either limited editions or special orders, i don't remember which. but you got all the other colors right :yes:

    i think in the celebrity thread Jessica Simpson's tooling both of those around

    and by the way, the white is my favorite color in the Suhali line. you should get that :nuts:!
  3. I am in loooove with Geranium.... :heart:.
  4. I love the gold and silver Le Fab. I would get either black or white.
  5. You Are All Wonderful ~ Thank You!!!

    I Love Every Single One!!!!!!! It's Too Hard To Choose!!! :smile:
  6. Yup, you got all the colors right. The silver and gold was LE pieces during winter, I believe 2003? I so want the argent one!

    I just got my le fab about two months ago. I was so indecisive between black and white. I decided black and I'm extremely happy with my choice. Good luck on picking a color!
  7. Ooh me too! At the last LV party I went to, there was a lady who had the white Fringe bucket and her daughter had the gold Le Fab. I'd never seen one in person and it's GORGEOUS!! :love:

    When I end up getting one though, it'll be black.
  8. Someone in the forum has a gold one, I can't remember the username though.
    Personally, I'd get them in white, black and plum (that order !).
  9. Yeah, I like white suhali the best myself...
  10. I really like the brown l'ingénieux
  11. bagluv, You've named all the Le Fabs in LVLover's collection!!!:nuts::love:

  12. I like white too and seriously, we ought to raid that Simpson girl's closet - she's like Barbie - she has Everything!
  13. Yeux ~ You Love White!!! Me Too!!!!!! :smile: Of Course JS Has Them...Lucky Girl!!!

    John5 ~ Geranium Is Gorgeous!!! Any In Your Future???

    Michelle ~ I Think I Have Seen The Silver....They Do Sound Gorgeous!!!

    ShoulderEyeCandy ~ It Was 2003? Thank You! I Keep Thinking Later! The Black Is Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    Lvbabydoll ~ The Mom Had The Fringe Bucket & The Daughter The Gold!!!
    I Am Leaning Most Towards Black!!! I'm Not Surprised Le Fab Is In Your Near Future...You Definitely Are The Lvbabydoll!!!!!!!! :smile:

    Ayla ~ I Would Love To See The Gold....I Will Have To Go Look For It!!!!! :smile:I Love Your Color Choices, In That Order!!!!!! :smile:

    Lola ~ I Can't Remember ~ Do You Have The White??? :smile:

    Jamalu ~The Brown L'ingénieux Is Gorgeous!!!!!!

    LV_addict ~ lvLover Has Them All???!!!!!!! I That She Had Quite A Few. I Will Have To Look @ Her Collection Again! Thank You! :smile: ......I Love Your Blue (I Wish I Got It Before It Discont.)!!!!! :smile:

    artgirl ~ I Know! How Many Times Does Jessica Wear Them Anyways?!!! :smile:
  14. The suhalis in white is also my favourite! :biggrin:
  15. Geranium Suhali? Hmm... Probably just a Cles since I'm a guy...
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