Le 'Epanoui vs. Le Fabuleux in blue

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  1. Now that I've seen how gorgeous star's blue le fab looks with jeans :love: I'm thinking hhmm.....Maybe the suhali would be a good everyday bag?? What do you guys think between these 2 styles in blue??? Which is a better everyday bag?
  2. Hiya, Just went on the UK site to compare, and they are not offerering Le Fab in blue anymore on it. Yikes! I prefer the Le Fab, it looks bigger and you can wear it on your shoulder or arm. It is the color that is soo nice, either bag would look good for daytime. GOOD LVCK with your decision, let us know which one you get.
  3. It's tough one [​IMG][​IMG]...
    Which Le'panoui ? GM or PM?
    GM you can wear it on your shoulder. I love Le Fab and L'epanoui GM..it's tough one. If I want to use as everyday bag I will go for L'epanoui because little bit low profile because Le Fab sooooo L'e FAB..
  4. Thanks! I'm thinking about the le'epanoui GM
  5. Only thing I don't like about the l'epan is that it only can be carried as a shoulder. So if it slips off, it's really too long to carry on the arm. I wish it's straps were just a weee bit shorter.
  6. I would say the Le Fab is better.
  7. I have the Le Fabuleux in white, blue, black and geranium...enough said:yes: :heart:
  8. I would like to try them both on before I give my vote!!!:yes:
  9. WOW!!!:love:
  10. I think I will. I called the closest LV to me-about an hour away. The SA said she had a le fab in blue but when I asked her about the le' epan she acted as if I had 3 heads! I'm not sure she knew what I was talking about. I had to spell it for her and then she put me on hold for about 5 minutes. I got frustrated and just hung up. I think elux has a le epan in blue....
  11. BTW, they've discontined Le Fab in blue, so you better get it quick if you really like it!!!
  12. I love them both but I :heart: the Le Epanoui more.
  13. I had a white Le Fab and although the bag was beautiful, it was a heavy everyday bag for me, hence, I sold it.
  14. congrats, I love the ingenieux pm too, love the color!
  15. Le Fab