LE Ellie Satchel???

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  1. Hey ladies. I was wondering if any of you all knew exactly how many of the pink tweed Ellie Legacy satchels were made? I am eyeing a couple on ebay, but have no idea which one to pick, if any.
    They are numbered, so I definitely LOVE that. LOL!
    Thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. More than 200. I had a Teal Leather one that was numbered 200-something. There wasn't an out-of-whatever number behind it though..so I'm guessing probably 300 of each color?
  3. The lower the number the better!
  4. I've wondered the same thing. I have a cream tweed with pink leather trim and it is #110 but doesn't say out of however many.
  5. There are two tweed ones on ebay currently. One is #195, and the other in the 200 range.
    I agree, the lower the better. But what "bar" can we use to find out, ya know? 300 made, and number 195 seems kind of...meh.
    But if it was 600, it would be great.
  6. I wouldn't worry about the number - as long as the bag is in good condition. Those things are SO beautiful and getting near impossible to find. (And no, I don't have one, so not trying to promote my own auction or anything, lol). Snag one! :biggrin: