Le Dix (the first First/Classique/Lariet)

  1. How do you tell the difference between these three?

    I know the '02 FBF the first two seasons don't have serial numbers on the back and the third season does.

    I have a FBF that says le dix balenciaga paris in gold on the tag. I'm not sure if its '00 or '01 though cuz when i bought it it said '00/'01

    however how do you tell the difference between the '00 and '01??

    i have a FBF that says le dix paris balenciaga and a '02 FBF season 3 w/ serial numbers and one difference i find is that the hardware that connects the bag to the handle is a bit more rectangle on the '01 or '00 than the '02. which is why sienna millers hardware got turned by time and use. i also noticed one part of kirsten dunst hardware does the same. i actually physically tried to do that on my '00/'01 and it was possible while the '02 was not like my other bags.

    '00/01 hardware


    sienna miller

    kirsten dunst
  2. Hi! The first three seasons the "Lariat" bag was made include flat brass hardware and the chunky strap clip. The handle construction was changed to reinforce it's structure for the third season, so if there's a bend near the rings, it's likely 1st or 2nd season.

    You can tell which season the flat brass bag is by the interior tag. The first season these bags were made was F/W '01 and it has a gold stamp "Le Dix", the second season is S/S '02 with a single-side tag engraved with Balenciaga Paris, then the third season F/W '02 has a double sided tag with just Balenciaga on the front and serial numbers on the underside.

    Besides the handle construction, the 3rd season bags also have a longer strap than the first or second season ones, here's a picture that shows that difference:

    [F/W '02 Black FBF vs. S/S '02 Chocolate FBF]

    Everyone loves the 1st and 2nd season leather, first season is generally more distressed looking than second season which generally was smoother and super silky. The 3rd season leather is not as soft to touch, but is more durable and generally highly distressed which looks really cool.
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  4. so there is no such thing as a '00 FBF?
  5. ^^No there isn't.

    2001 was the first bag. :flowers:

    p.s. welcome to the "gold tag" club!

  6. Femme.fatale, you are amassing a great collection in a short time! Good job! :smile:

    Thank Realdeal, for the clarification on the difference between 01, S/S 02, and F/W 02. You make it sound so simple!
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    ^^ I hope to someday join the "gold tag club" too ;o)
  8. ^^^Now that shocks me - if anyone would be a member of the "gold tag" club, I would have thought it would have been you! :smile: I'm sure you will be a member soon!
  9. Thanks, LG! Crazy enough, I was a "gold tag" member back in '01 for a very short time when I tracked down the Balenciaga Le Dix Lariat bag at Barney's New York. It was my first designer handbag.

    Unfortunately, 9/11 happened and I had to return it as I lost my job as did my fiance. The company he worked for had partially moved into the first tower hit and he was scheduled to work there two weeks later. I was so incredibly lucky not to loose him that day as over 30 people he worked with were already in the building and died that morning.

    Hopefully someday soon I'll be a member again without any tragedy.
  10. Thank you so much for the information. I happened to buy the bag in Pairs on 4th December 2001 for 4470 French Franc but mine doesn't have the gold tag. :sad: ....... Is it possible to see the picture of the gold tag please? Thank you. :smile:
  11. ^^I have to disagree. I have a First Season Le Dix bag and the leather is the smoothest & thickest leather I've ever seen on a early flat brass bags. The photos i've seen of 2nd or 3rd season flat brass bags the leather looks more crinkley thin and distressed.
  12. Sooo I was checking this bag out and was wondering if fellow Balenciaga tpf'ers can help me out with this:

    1. Is this from 2002 or 2003?

    2. this is the flat brass style with the longer messenger strap right? how long should the messenger strap be for these original firsts?

    3. what is a good/fair price for this bag...or if some pfers dont mind sharing how much they have paid for a bag like this in excellent condition at resale locations?

    Thanks soooo much!!!




  13. that does not look like a flat brass first. maybe someone can help you identify this bag. i also saw it on eBay but was confused since it's not flat brass but yet it was from 2002 with pewter hardware.
  14. ^^ohhh i heard from someone else its 2003 with pewter hdw but i dont know if this bag is worth the price the seller is asking--like how rare is this and was the leather very smushy and soft in 2003 and with the longer messenger strap?
  15. the leather looks very beautiful on this bag from what i see in the picture.