LE Dentelle Speedy Silver 30.... KEEP or SELL???

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What to do w/ Speedy Dentelle?

  1. KEEP her! she's a TDF LE!

  2. give her another chance and decide later!

  3. SELL! no point in keeping, LE or not!

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  1. thank you all!

    need more insights... just that, havin mixed feelings... when i take her out, yes, i luv... but when its time to switch bags, like i don't care for her anymore. i'm kinda 60-40 about this (+10 towards letting go) atm...

    do you guys honestly think dentelle is classic, or trendy? :s
  2. I love her! I would keep her at least until resell prices go back up, and then make the decision at least. This is the one bag I really regret not getting - it came out when I was first getting into lv :sad:
  3. ^^ I totally agree :smile:
  4. what dont you like about it? and are you thinking about selling to get a different bag?
    i think that if there is anything about the bag you don't like anymore you should just sell it and get something you really love. you can always get another LE down the road that will suit your every day life.
  5. Give it a chance and decide later.
  6. I returned mine to the store, and I really wish I had kept her. It's a cute bag, but if you don't love her, then let someone have her that will!

  7. I think it is more of a trendy bag due to the stitching. I have a love/hate relationship with the stitching. I almost hit the BIN on a BH dentelle.

    I think you should take it out for one last time and see how you feel.
  8. The best advice IMO. Personally, I think that the dentelle is classic, even though people in the know will have an idea of when it came out--but i mean come on, when is lace EVER out of style?! ;) I'm still waiting for a gold dentelle to come my way :smile:
  9. I'm looking for a gold one. I really regret not getting anything from this line. So I tend to say keep it, but only if you still love it and use it! Take her out and give her another chance.
  10. really? weird... i've been out of the LV loop for a while now, i thought prices never backtrack. isn't there a rumored price increase soon? or has it happened already... sorry, i'm lost :shame:

  11. exactly my feeling now!