Food Le Crueset, best time to buy and where?


Oct 19, 2008
Thanks for replying ladies. I guess I will have to go on a treasure hunt. Those stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc...) around me never have anything good.

I know Macy's is doing their Friends and Family 25% off sale and they apply to Le Crueset so maybe I'll just pick up pieces around their sales.


Mar 16, 2007
I always see pieces at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and sometimes Tuesday Morning. I never really see the heavy stock pots (can't remember if that's their technical name). But I always get casserole dishes, loaf pans, butter dishes, pitchers, s+p shakers there! HTH :smile:


Feb 10, 2011
Have any le creuset outlets near you? They usually have sales. if you sign up they send you coupons for 20 - 30% off any and any other specials they might have going.

I have also seen them discount certain pieces or colors and they have a seconds section as well. These pieces are really good and the price is nice. If you did not see the second sticker you would not know. I picked up my wok in the seconds section for 99 and all that was wrong with it was a teeny tiny imperfection in the finish which I would not even have noticed if the sales person had not showed it to me. This after I had asked her ''why it was labeled seconds and that it looked perfect to me"

Williams Sonoma will usually have some pieces in their outlet marked down. They also carry them in their regular stores and you may some times get a special in there that lets you buy a le creuset at a discount.

missliu: Noticed you live in south california. If you are close to carlsbad, I think they have a le creuset outlet there.


Feb 22, 2008
All my cast iron Le Creuset (okay, it's only two pieces plus an oven I got my MIL) is from the outlet. I buy my pieces from the outlet in *******, Connecticut, and I've purchased over the phone from them lately because I moved too far to go there in person. They are really, really friendly and will look for the nicest piece in the color and size I'm looking for so I don't get anything too blemished (they are usually seconds with very minor flaws). If you get on their preferred customers list, you'll sometimes get even better discounts than whatever the current promotion is. I think January and July are the best times to get a good discount, but if they happen to have what you want on sale then anytime is good.


Feb 11, 2011
I purchased my 3.5 qt Le Creuset french oven at a Le Creuset outlet on sale for just under $100. The salesperson told me that the outlet sells "seconds" that have superficial exterior blemishes that don't affect the cookware performance, and they sell discontinued colors. The one I purchased was a discontinued blue made for Williams-Sonoma. (My DH picked the color, and it had the added benefit of having the lowest price.)

I just googled Le Creuset 3.5qt, and it looks like everyone's prices are competitive. So sales and coupons may be your best bet. If you don't mind "seconds", outlets and discount stores might save you more if you buy it on sale or clearance.

Just to give you an idea of pricing: the 3.5qt retails for $255, but major retailers are listing it for under $200. Sur La Table had the 3.5qt on sale for $130 during their annual cookware sale a couple months ago, but only for the new color made for Sur La Table (fennel). I saw the 3.5qt at Marshall's Homegoods for around $150 (I think). (And of course, I bought mine on sale at a Le Creuset outlet for under $100)

(Just an FYI, I decided on the 3.5qt, because any bigger was a too heavy for what I wanted in an everyday pot.)

Good luck & HTH!


Oct 19, 2008
Thanks for all your tips. I actually bought a 3.5 qt wide dutch oven in Cassis from Macys Friends and Family sale last week. They had it on sale for $125 with 25% it came to like $98 (before taxes). It suppose to come on monday, can't wait to start using it.