Le Creuset owners, is the price worth it?

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  1. I have wanting to buy some Le Creuset pots, pans & bakeware but find them so darn heavy. It's sad when I find pots heavy, I really need to go to the gym more :p Are they worth the $$$? Does your food cook better with them than other brands?
  2. I have a few pieces and love them. AS far as baking, my favorite brand is Emile Henry. Both brands are definitely worth the money as far as quality and looks!!

    PS My Emile Henry casserole dishes are a breeze to clean!
  3. I have a love/hate relationship w/ my LeCruset. I got them for Christmas a few years ago. I find they are heavy but pretty managable. It's hard to hold them in one hand if you are draining something. I also find that pasta likes to stick to the bottom if you don't stir it alot! I think they do cook more evenly.
    I really like their 'pottery' line. They are casserole dishes and baking dishes etc.
  4. I like LeCreuset, but accidentally dropped one when trying to lift it with one hand and broke a few floor tiles :sad:
  5. I love them...they also have outlets so you can get them a little cheaper if there is one in your area.
  6. I have a dutch oven that I use for braising. I also purchased an everyday pan, but found that it did not work terribly well on my electric cooktop, so I passed it along to my MIL, who uses it constantly. My suggestion is that you buy one pan and try it out before considering more pieces.

    They have come out with a line of stainless steel cookware that looks nice.... I wonder how it compares to All-Clad.....
  7. I have been lusting for a Le Creuset for awhile now, but like you, am turned off by the high price point. During Macy's F&F sale, my mom ordered me the Martha Stewart 7qt cast iron enameled pot for my bday. Unfortunately, it's backordered for 6 weeks, but I think it will be worth the way. Cooks Illustrated rated Target's Chefmate line as a very good line for an affordable alternative. I am looking forward to make chili, pot roast, brisket and no-knead bread!
  8. yes and you can find them less than retail at tj maxx and marshalls.
  9. Yes! But I am cookware obsessed as well. I spent almost $500 there this weekend, but got (4) 3.5 quart buffet casseroles as gifts (not something you would normally buy right). Of course this is also because a 30% off purchases over $100 from the mailing list. $112 for a 3.5 quart buffet casserole and you can do so many things in there, including small/medium cuts of meat. I think it's worth it and it's gorgeous!
  10. My parents have had the classic orange
    saucepan set for years and it is true that they really don't die! Le Creuset really is VERY long lasting. I find that there is this tie now with the saucepans. If you get sick of the orange colour, it is very difficult to justify getting rid of them and replacing them with new ones because:
    a) you spent a lot of money on them and
    b) you don't want them to go to waste

    I'd say if you get some, don't get orange!!
  11. I've been thinking about getting a le creuset dutch oven for roasting, braising and making soups but am also heming and hawing because of the price and weight of them. I'm sure there are other comparable dutch ovens out there.....I just have to find one that is big enough for what I need.
  12. My mom owns them. She doesn't call them pots, she always calls them 'my creuset' so I guess they must be outstanding...