Le Creuset cookware

  1. Any opinions on Le Creuset cookware? I'm thinking of investing in a set, and I've heard raves about them. For those that have them any pro's and con's you can share?
  2. I use mine every day!
    The pros:
    - indestructible
    - fabulous for sauces, stews, soups, and basically anything you have to keep at a constant temperature
    - the dutch oven and french oven are pieces you can't live w/o once you use them
    - goes from stove to oven to table
    - the stoneware is great for baking
    The only con:
    - the cast iron pieces are HEAVY, very very heavy. I have a couple of saucepans that nearly break my arm when they're full
  3. :love: LOVE it!!!:love: :love:

    I have the 5 1/2 quart and it's the best. Scared of the pressure cooker so this is really good to soften various meats.

    Plan to get one more...:love: it!

    Yeah, the pieces are so HEAVY!
  4. ^^ A second vote for wonderful, but very heavy. My BF has to wash them because they are too heavy for me, and I lift weights!
  5. I have two, a really big one, and smaller with a wooden handle (whatch out if you have a gas stove). Love them both, use the small one for my daily oatmeal. Excellent quality.
  6. I like them because they can go from the stove, oven to table as they are pretty. BUT very heavy and can sometimes takes a big of elbow grease to clean. I say best for a few big pieces like a dutch oven. I would invest in other cookware materials for other needs. I think it's best to mix and match, but yes, its not as pretty.
  7. I have the big one too, it can be hard to clean but I love it. You might just want to try the big 5 1/2 qt one first and then see how you like it since they are so expensive. I have an outlet by my house that sells le Creuset and if you have a 'Home Life' nearby they usually have them at half off too.
  8. I have a lot of Le Creuset. The porcelain on the edges can chip and result in some minor rusting. It has great heat maintenance properties, so it makes it absolutely ideal for dutch ovens, pots, and some of their pans. Cleaning them can be a hassle however, but nothing a good soak won't cure. Cast iron is never light, but it's absolutely fabulous for cooking. The only thing that they make that I don't think is worth the buck is their grill pans. There are many more superior grill pans on the market. Hope this helps. ;)
  9. I love enamelled cast iron cookware - they look pretty and are sooo sturdy! I don't have a Le Creuset but I have a Staub which is another really good brand.

    They are so worth it, IMO but no need to get a set! I would just get a 26cm+ round one to start and maybe a 30cm oval one later!

    - they looks soooooo pretty. mine sits permanently on my stove top, much like my kitchenaid. :smile:
    - they make a kickass braise. seriously.
    - they last a lifetime (and a few after that), I have friends who have inherited theirs fr their grandmas!
    - easy to maintain, non-stick!
  10. My frying pans & sauce pans are All clad, but I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. I've had it for a few years and I wouldn't part with it for anything. It is heavy, but that's what makes it so great. It is so durable and in my opinion easy to clean.
    I have a few Le Creuset oven proof dishes too and love 'em.
  11. i have a dutch oven, and thought i'd love it, but we literally never use it, in favour of a non-stick aluminium pot, because:
    - it's not thaat non-stick
    - it's bloody heavy, to use and to wash. why would i bother?

    and when you have a much better alternative around (we use our anolon non-stick pot for oven, stovetop, everything, it's super non-stick and versatile and easy to clean)
    ... this baby just NEVER gets used.
  12. I have a Le Creuset Dutch oven (huge 7 1/4 quart one), small grill pan, and a double reversible griddle/grill. I also have a 5 qt Staub Bouillabaisse pot and teapot. I love enameled cast iron. I don't think it's too hard to clean--I just soak it overnight with a few drops of detergent and use a soft dish brush. I think Staub and LC are comparable--LC has a light-colored interior that makes it easier to see what you're cooking, but the Staub's dark, textured interior is hardier and stands up to more abuse.

    I suggest against getting a cookware set, though. There are always pieces that you don't use as often because it's just something you don't need or it's not the right size. It is cheaper to buy a set, but you can waste money getting pieces that you don't need. I strongly suggest you start by buying one piece you know you'll use often. Then, build your collection from there. It's not that different from building a high-end handbag collection.
  13. I've got the 6 3/4 QT Dutch Oven and their 6 piece cookware set, and I absolutely LOOOOOVE them! But they're sooooo heavy, so be careful if you don't have a firm grip on them. I've dropped a pot with boiling water (cooking noodles) because I didn't have a firm enough grip on it!
  14. I agree with everyone else on their good qualities and the biggest con being the heft of them. I too prefer Staub, which is about 25% the price of retail LeCreuset and holds up wonderfully. I have compared against my one piece of LC and have bought additional pieces of the Staub.
  15. Thanks for all the input so far. The one drawback I was worried about was the weight as many of you have pointed out. I think I will start with a dutch oven and see from there. I'll look into the Staub too!