Le Compagnon -inside-

  1. I have been searching all over this forum and I cant find any pictures taken of the inside of the Le Compagnon.
    I want to order one but want to make sure that it fits my needs. The pictures from Diabro.net are not that great.

    Can someone post a couple of pictures for me please? Comments welcome as well.

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. which size?
  3. The big one...are there different size/models of the bigger one? I am a bit clueless as you can see. I like the ones that are checkbook size.

    Thank you!
  4. here are some pictures i took for another tPFer who wanted a compagnon-money wallet comparison.
    hope it helps some.
    b-wallets-2.jpg b-wallets-yellow.jpg
  5. Bearkeeper: I love your compagnon, it is such a lovely colour!
  6. Here's the Mini Compagnon inside:


    And this one shows the size comparison of the Money, Real Coin (with the little mirror inside) and Mini-Compagnon wallets:

  7. Thank you all!

    Bearkeeper, what are the names of the two different ones? I think I like the zip around better.
  8. The larger compagnon was too HUGE for me. I liked the next size down, not the mini. The Money wallet however is perfect. Its feminine and girlie and really pretty and holds a ton.