LE Coach Mink Key Fob

  1. Does anyone have the Coach Mink Key FOB or cell lanyard? If so, how does it hold up? I have them on hold at Coach but I tend to be pretty tough on my things so want to know if they'll be okay.

  2. just FYI
    the pink mink key fob was at an outlet near me the other day for $39.99
  3. Thanks. Do you think it looks durable?
  4. yes, it's darling......so soft.....there was a thread about this a few weeks/month ago......most were commenting on price at 98.00 a little steep and what if it fell off or dog/cat got to it!!!!!
    but outlet price is great.... yes?!!!
  5. I actually have both the FOB and the cell lanyard. I mainly use the cell lanyard and it holds up great. I have that thing thrown into my purse and it has held up great. It's adorable!
  6. THanks to the 2 of you. I'll do a search for the other thread. I think it is soooo adorable!!!
  7. I do. I dont use it, I hang it in my rearview mirror. It's soooo friggin cute.