Le Club de Lunettes de Soleil - Sunglasses!

  1. Welcome to the LV Sunnies Club!

    here's my one and only:

    come and share yours :supacool:
  2. I love these!!! Huntington Sunglasses
    DSC01582.JPG DSC01583.JPG DSC01584.JPG
  3. I want to be a part of this club too!:nuts:

    Obsession Carre:
    PICT4837.jpg PICT4834.jpg PICT4844.jpg
  4. Gina:
    PICT4838.jpg PICT4841.jpg
  5. here's an article i've found about LV sunnies back when they were first launched last year:

    for the original article and a couple of photos click here: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2005/10/25/lifeliving/12278309&sec=lifeliving

  6. That is an interesting article, and I am remembering the movies they mentioned and the styles of glasses they created from those movies...

    very cool! By far the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned!
  7. i agree. i don't think i could ever buy any other brand of sunnies again :yes:
  8. For the longest time I thought LV sunnies were nothing special. But as the saying goes "Don't knock it till you try it!" I must say, I am in LOVE with both pairs I own and wear them ALWAYS! Still regret not getting the millionaires though!:sad:
    BTW, great article, DD! Thanks for posting!:flowers:
  9. Cool article!!

    Gorgeous glasses, everyone!
  10. Bindi Sunglasses


  11. [​IMG]

    Huntington Sunglasses



  12. Thanks for posting that article Deluxeduck! Informative indeed.

    Count me in. When I saw these bad boys online I could not resist! :drool:
    I ran to my nearest LV, tried them on and have not been able to take them off. I'd actually like to get another pair just like them so I can get my 'script in them... One pair script one pair not for those days when I wear contacts. Okay, I'm talking too much...
  13. One more shot. I agree that one has to experience the quality of LV sunglasses to really understand:
  14. Got the Honey Glitter Obsessions (square) for my mom today as a Christmas present. I'll be borrowing them though, of course lol ;)

  15. i love all of your sunglasses! what really caught me was the title! my cousin is in cirque de soleil!
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