LE Cerises Pochette...

  1. On Karenkooper.com for $1800.

    If someone could please buy this so I don't. Thanks.

  2. I love this LE Cerises pochette :love:
  3. This is the jounalist version, the same as mine :smile: I actually like this lining better than the final version of this bag.

  4. What was the final version, Tink?

    I'm soooo tempted. I've just never owned such a small bag and I'm a little scared!
  5. this bag is gorgeous!
  6. Yes love that, it´s been on the site for a long time now
  7. I know this is the journalist version, but what did the final version go for retail?
  8. The final version had the raspberry alcantra lining...instead of this satin lining....and was a bit dark for the bag, imho. This lining is really cute!
  9. It was either 1200 or 1300, something like that.
  10. So beautiful - I'm glad that I already have the regular Cerises pochette because it would be death by husband if that came home.

    Get it EmilyK so we can see modeling photos!
  11. That is so cute!
  12. This lizard pochette used to sell for more than that on eBay.
  13. ^^^I saw one listed, but don't think it ever sold.
  14. if it didn't have that koala lock on it. ugh. otherwise, its too hot too trot!
  15. there is one on luxury-shops for less... i think 1,200 or so?