Le Catalogue ?

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  1. Hey guys.. wanted to ask if anyone has gotten their Le Catalogue's for 2006 yet? My SA in Hollywood says she hasn't recieved their shipment of catalogs yet, and it's already the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year!

    So anyone got theirs yet? Maybe I should just call the 866 number and get one.. but I'd have to pay for shipping! :sad: My SA's gonna send it for free.. hehe.
  2. No, not yet. It should be shortly though since they were giving away the old ones.
  3. I got it about 2 weeks ago in the mail but I live in Europe so they might release it be a bit earlier than in the U.S.
  4. I am a new shopper, is this a determinig factor in getting a catalogue?
  5. I think they sell them. But, don't quote me on that! I have a strong rapport with my SA and she just gives them to me.
  6. it's free in the stores.. if they have any. my SA gives them to me too if i ask. you jus gotta ask.

    if you call 866-vuitton, you can get one for free too, but they charge you $10 for shipping.
  7. i dunno how the system in the US work,here in NL they actually sell it for 10 euros,i got mine in last year November for free,i still remember when i asked the SA for a catalogue i noticed the he did some checking in the computer after that he called his colleague over and they talked.....then few minutes later he just take the catalogue out from the drawer and gave it to me.....he told me actually the catalogue is for sell but if you are a regular customers there then they will give you as free.
  8. are you guys talking about all the LV purses or just the seasons? Im confused..is it just like the binder that they have at the store with all the purses they sell with the prices?
  9. The Le Catalogue is a book made every year that is given to their customers (some at request) to take home. It's a book that has ALL the styles that Louis Vuitton has made, from past to present, and covers ALL the current fabric/lines and everything made in that line/collection.

    The binder you're referring to is The Look Book. It shows the SA's and customers that ask to see it, the upcoming pieces in the season and future seasons, and estimated prices.
  10. Hmmm

    How do you know the year? Does it say on the book?

    I have two from this year but none of them have the years on them... I bet they are from last year...
  11. What is the month and year on the new ones? The latest ones I have came with price lists for October 2005.
  12. Yes,i received the new 2006 one in the mail a couple of weeks ago...i asked for it to my SA and she got it shipped for me ;)
  13. ^ Location?
  14. never got one :sad: although I'm registered customer.