Le Catalogue

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  1. I ordered my new Damier Salsa yesterday (I'd really wanted to go for the Tango, as I need a hands free bag for travelling, but thanks to the lovely ladies photo's on here, I decided that the Tango wouldn't be big enough for the junk I carry around, and so I decided to go for the Salsa - I'll post pics once it arrives) and was speaking to my SA, and asked for a new copy of Le Catalogue. She told me that there wasn't one this year, as they decided that with the web site, there was no longer a need for "Le Catalogue"???

    Is this true? Does anyone have one for this year? I'm going to ring the UK customer services later *shudder*, so I'll let you know what they say.

    She was also saying that they don't receive *any* of the brochures at all any more. *sigh*


  2. Yeah I think this was posted here before..someone else had talked to an SA who said that there wasn't a need for the printed catalogs anymore since the styles in them basically remain the same.
  3. Ahh, what a shame!! I love browsing through my catalogue!!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

  4. You're welcome!
  5. congrats!
  6. What a shame..I love catalogs esp when I'm too lazy to boot up my computer to look online or when I'm away from the computer...
  7. Well, just spoke to UK customer service, and I have to say I spoke to a lovely, exceptionally helpful chap, who said that there wasn't a catalogue as of yet for this year, and he thought the remit was due to "environmental concerns", due to the website etc. I pointed out that I prefered the catalogue, as the website can sometimes be difficult to navigate, if you're looking for something specific, and he said that the feedback they had from other customers had been similar, so they may decide to release a catalogue later, but word at the moment was that they are not issuing one for this year.

    He had one of the Blue 2006 catalogues though, which I had to have sent to a UK address, no one could send me anything to Ireland, except the Dublin store, who don't have any, and it cost £7!! I always used to get them free from the store, but for £7 I'm not too concerned as I never got round to getting the blue one!

    Just for info...

    Thanks again,

  8. darn. i really likes that catalouge... i have already memorized vuitton.com!
    give me something new!
  9. I like browsing them, its nice to look at all dicontinued collections deleted frokm vuitton.com:crybaby:
  10. I think we should keep calling 866 and requesting them ;)

    They'll get the hint :smile:
  11. I have something better than the original LV catalogue. There is Japanese book store by my house and they sell the in color LV catalog. And for each bag, they have pic of the inside, the pic on how they look like when they are carried.

    Its in Japanese and the pricing is a bit more expensive there but its nice to see the colorful catalog.

    They have one for each brand too ...I believe Chanel and Gucci for sure.
  12. An SA at the 57th st store told me it's coming at the end of the month (later this week?) and told me to check bac k then. But I called and they haven't come in yet. 866 says they have no info yet.
  13. Whaaaa?!?!?! :wtf: I LOVE the catalogue! Please please please LV. don't stop making them!
  14. It has to exist this year because it’s being sold on eBay for $49 starting bid, and people are buying it for >$100.
  15. ^^^^^^^ That's crazy!