Le Catalogue, p. 146 , is this a yoga mat

  1. hi,
    just flipping thru the LV Catalog...in the Epi section....what is that pictured with the DhanuraGM? is it a yoga mat? a fruit roll-up? what is it? does it come with the bag?
  2. That is a changing pad for a baby in the Dhanura GM=baby bag.
  3. I don't have the catalog, but a yoga mat would make sense, as Dhanura is a yoga position. :smile:
  4. Ohhhh...I have no idea of these things...does it come with the bag?
    Could I use it for a yoga mat? ha ha
  5. Wow... I always took that bag for granted just because I'm not into yoga. Actually that would be cool!
  6. yes it was a yoga mat & bag the mat has the logos stamped into it (but not the LV logo)
  7. can we see a pic?? any idea of price?
  8. I can't remember the price but only the GM came with the yoga mat, I think it was out maybe 2 years ago but not certain
  9. I wanna do yoga now!
  10. Here is what I was able to take with my cellophone:
  11. I've been at work all day slumped over a computer... I think I'm going to do this asana when I get home! :wlae:
  12. i love it!! my marc jacobs yoga bag is starting to fall apart
  13. gucci do a nice yoga mat too (available now, LV's is discontinued I believe)
  14. I think the name the Dahurana GM or w/e is some forum or type of yoga, it can be used for a baby thing but its not MEANT for that