LE BOY help needed

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  1. Please help, I'm trying to purchase this Le boy, however I cannot tell the hardware color? I would prefer the aged looking good rather than shining gold, also is this the new medium size?
    Thanks a lot!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468936318.520686.jpg
  2. Hi, it's looks like the gold brassed aged. And it's the old medium. (4700). It's more rectangular like m/l classic flap. The new medium is more boxy. And comparable to jumbo but boxier.
  3. Yes you're in luck, that is the aged hardware. And it is the Old medium. It's got 7 squares across compared to the 9 on the new one hehe.

    Oh just in case u need, an additional info... That seems like the lambskin if it's from the current season.
  4. Lovely bag.. Yes looks like the old medium aged HW
  5. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Lovein her,hope you get her

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