LE Azzedine Alaia on Austrian Ebay

  1. OMG I've seen this... I even wanted to post it here to ask if it's authentic... It looks so fake! Not meaning to offend anybody, but this is pretty ugly IMO :shame:
  2. I've seen it on here before ... it's in one of the threads about the new leo bags ... i feel the same, i looks fugly and so impratical ... i have no clue how and where you would wear it?!

    BTW: Where are you from in Germany? I'm in Hagen (NRW)
  3. Herborn (Hessen)... but I'm moving to Gießen next month :yes:
  4. Not a fan, sorry.
  5. I love leopard prints but this design looks tacky to me:s
  6. OMG, I hope its not the real deal because its just plain ugly. And whats going on with those handles???
  7. This bag was for sale on eBay usa and it was for $1000
  8. Unfortunately, it is the real deal :yucky:
  9. Yeah, I've never been a fan.

    But hey, on the other hand it's a good thing they're LE so at least you don't see very many ! :graucho:
  10. Wow, I would never guess that that's a real bag. Definitely not my style.
  11. Completely opposite of what I like. Something is going on with those handles...
  12. That leopard print is just a little bit too much...
  13. real or fake it's atrocious!