LE Alligator trimmed Mahina XL..quick pic..

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  1. I said I would show a pic of the LE Mahina XL. I was told there were only 20 made.

  2. Wow! Beautiful!! Congrats!
  3. :wtf:LOVE those handles! They are a beautiful color that complement the Mono so well! This bag is absolutely beautiful. Is the Mono nice & soft & supple? Lucky you photomama24!
  4. Wow.. Such a unique bag!
  5. The bag is hot to death. The mono is soft like regular mono really. I feel slightly sick about it because I could have bought a Birkin 35, but I like this bag more.
  6. Wow!! :nuts: Lovely colors, it's stunning!! Congrats!!
  7. Just get the Birkin next time! Please post more photos (interior) when you have time of that beautiful 1-of-20 bag!
  8. My goodness, that bag is friggin gorgeous!!!!
    I have not seen anything from LV that I have wanted for a very long time, especially the monogram pieces.

    If they ever made a normal vachetta version of that (in more realistic prices) I would be all over it! However, you are probably paying for the exclusivity of owning a truly limited edition piece (omg, only 20?!) and they will probably never release that in normal vachetta. Congrats on such a gorgeous, GORGEOUS bag!
  9. what a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  10. Wow that's beautiful! Congratulations on your new exquisite purchase! :biggrin:
  11. wow its so beautiful! congrats!
  12. WOW - would love to see the pics of the scrunching sides....

    I didnt realize it was going to be MONO, that totally took me off guard!
  13. This bag is hot to death and luckily, you can still get your Birkin--if you had passed this up, you probably never would have been able to get it again. Enjoy it! :yahoo:
  14. I am in love with it!
  15. Now that is the best bag I have seen in awhile:tup: The only other bag that got me like this was the Irene. Hugh congrats:tup::woohoo::nuts::faint::okay::girlsigh::drinkup: