Le 30 ?! Is this one available, anybody knows!? Or hand stitched one?!

  1. Awesome, thanks for the info, Averagejoe. :smile:
  2. Is this bag still available in Canada or States? If it is. Could anyone please let me know how much it is now in black? Thanks in advance.
  3. The line's been discontinued. Best to call a boutique and find out.
  4. some are still available in uk
  5. jcone - Saw a burgandy Le trente at Holts about a month ago. I didn't see one displayed yday though. I don't know if it got sold or it's in their storage.
    Call & enquire.

    I got mine at Vegas last Sep and it was the only one available in Vegas.
  6. Thanks eminere, gregsk and laxeash.

    Laxeash, do you mind to let me know how much did you pay for yours last year? I am wondering if I should call boutique at states first or holt.
  7. I bought for USD 2800 before taxes. Call Holt first, I can give you the SA name if you want.... Perhaps she can find you one.
  8. I was in Holts today (Bloor) so enquired about Trente in the Doir boutique for you. They hv a cherry red with silver hw in stock (it's not in display, so ask for it) and Eva (SA) said they could order in black (silver HW) and brown (champagne HW). Bags are priced at $2900.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks Laxeash. Really appreciate your help.