Le 30 ?! Is this one available, anybody knows!? Or hand stitched one?!

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    Congrats on your bag! It's really classy and beautiful!

    Srna, I think that although the red Granville may have too much red, you can try the brown one (I think it comes with beautiful gold hardware) which is a warm and rich color.
  2. I'm partial to the Delices tote as well:



  3. I agree, I love the Chocolate Brown with Gold hardware.

    I don't know if you've noticed but Dior has been moving away from Gold hardware and is trying to move forward with the "Light Gold" you see more often.

    Of course they still use it on their classic's such as the Lady D, but an example is the Rouge with Gold Lady D, its been discontinued and Paris will not take special orders on that specific color combination.

    As much as I love the Brown, and it being a more "limited" color which you won't see many people with, Rouge could be the one for you!;)

    I mean, it seems like deep inside you truly want this color but having a hard time admitting to a "Red" handbag....?

    You can't go wrong with a Rouge Dior handbag, its classic, timeless, and ties in with what Christian Dior is all about.
  4. I love the light gold. I first noticed it on the Dior Babe bags (especially on the one with the beautiful gold sueded goatskin) and also on the Lady Dior in the gold sueded goatskin. In my opinion, it looks better than the darker yellow gold, especially when paired with lighter colors.
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    This Picture best shows its beautiful color


    Sorry for the last picture, I didn't realize the lighting was so dark
  6. [​IMG]




    Once again, the lighting in this area was kind of dark, so excuse this photo.

    Pictures were taken on an iPhone4.
  7. My favourite light gold hardware combo was with acier blue on the Lady Dior and New Lock. :smile:
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  9. Ok everybody!
    Alea iacta est! :smile:) ( it's latin for "the dice is tossed")

    I am getting the rouge medium lambskin Granville!

    Bottega Veneta, you are right, I am loving it. I also went to a boutique yesterday , had a look at it and absolutely adore it. After holding it against myself for a little bit, I realised I love it so much and there is no need to reject it. I will try to take a photo of me with it and maybe try to post it here.
    Also, I was told that it was the only one left in medium rouge one in the whole U.K. and it was specially ordered for me from Paris, so I had to admit, for some strange reason I wanted it even more :lolots: Ok, I know, it's pathetic, but it happens...:smile:
    Emi, this last patent acier blue Lady D with the gold hardware is absolutely stunning! I love my existing Lady D so much , that my next Dior purchase would definitely be yet another mayhem decision I will have to make. It'll probably be between another medium Lady D (cause I absolutely adore them) and Le 30 one!...O well, until then, I will try to get hold of and enjoy my medium rouge Granville which is waiting especially for me :heart:

    Thanks everybody for your kind contributions! :love:
  10. Don't forget to reveal here on the forums once you have it ;)
  11. As corny as it may sound, sometimes its a sign that it was truly meant to be :yahoo:

    There are so many times when someone asks for something specific, and it just so happens we've received it in our store 30mintues ago, and it just has a sense of destiny lol.

    congrats!! please post some modeling pics!!
  12. W O W! I changed my mind...I like the Granville more than the Le 30. It looks so amazing in red!

    I've never seen that acier blue with light gold before. Its angelic!!!!
  13. Does the Le Trente come in any color, other than beige, with the light gold hardware? I prefer the light gold hardware to the silver but don't want the beige bag.....
  14. The blue is rubbing off on the shoulder strap of my bag. Does anybody know if I can get the strap part replaced by Dior? I purchased this from the store in December 2010. Thank you in advance!
  15. Yes, Dior can replace the strap, but for a fee.