Le 24 Coin Purse - Raisin or Brighton Blue

  1. Ok, the title says it all...

    It's either Raisin with Gold hardware or Brighton Blue with silver hardware.

    Also, while I was searching for coin purses, there was this purse that was shaped as a square, and 4 triangles fold to close it down. I saw the ones in Chocolate, Orange/Brighton Blue, Rogue Vif.

    So, I need some help deciding.. Le 24 Coin Purse (Raisin or Brighton Blue?) or folded square thingy

  2. That is some very different looks. Blue will be bolder while the raison might be more understated.
  3. The 24's shape seems odd to me?! i don't personally like it. But if you do go for it, i suggest BB and silver thats a nice combo (or H orange and silver). the fold up one you are describing is totally cool but I dont know how safe it is to acctually but things in it? it looks like they would all fall out and there isn't much room either. I have forgotten the name of the one i wish to suggest so ill describe it, it's a simple rectangular zip coin case (similar to the lv cles but larger) and it has an exterior slot in which perfectly fits CC's to me this is a good option for its size and the fact that it can easily replace a wallet when you need to downsize for a quick trip. Just IMHO
  4. hi Vogue,
    think you are talking about a Zoulou, origami-liked coin bag, i have one in black and i find it very practical! a "good" buy indeed
  5. not to mention it holds a lot and it has a great-natural fastening to hold
  6. I'm like NM. I don't like the odd shape of 24 too. So I'll opt for the Bastia coin-purse if that's what you're talking about. I love both of your colour choices - Violet and BB.
  7. naughtymanolo:you mean the clarrise? im not too sure about that though.the Zoulou is gorgeous, though. The one with the Orange/Brighton Blue looks fantastic.. But for the clarrise, is there a lot of space for coins? I mean, I need something that can be used easily for coins..

    Chocolat Chaud: do the things in it fall out easily? and is there a lot of space in it??

    Are there anyone who have any of these 3 items?? Any pros and cons to them??

    Oh, what about the Emile coin purse? I saw a vibrato one in the reference thread.
  8. i have been using mine for the past 6-7 years, and nothing fall out unless i unfold it, in my opinion, i think it's a great design and perfect workmanship
  9. I vote for the 24 in Brighton Blue! (Mainly because I want one for myself, LOL)
  10. 24 in Brighton Blue!!! :tup:
  11. CC, could you post a picture of yours, please?
  12. I can't remember what Le 24 looks like off the top of my head, but I do remember the foldable coin purse and I think it's a bright and cheery accessory. My vote's for that if you want some color :tup:
  13. Go for the brighton blue!
  14. I think there are pics of both styles in the small accessories picture thread, in case that would help you compare!
  15. ^Can't find the pic of the Bastia and Zoulou... :sad: