LDQ"s modest collection.

  1. okay here are some of my purses. not nealry in the same level as the fab I ahve seen here but its a start.
  2. there's no photos{?}
  3. pics coming?
  4. :wtf:i don't know what happened???? Let me repost.

    In order of apprearance Botkier Bianca satchel, Kooba Nina Brown, Andrea Brueckner And kooba Ada (i think)
    169122240306_0_ALB.jpg 202463930306_0_ALB.jpg 259122240306_0_ALB.jpg 459122240306_0_ALB.jpg 569122240306_0_ALB.jpg
  5. More Bags.

    Isabella Fiorre , Better Kooba Nina pic , Francessca Biaso stachel, kooba Nina slate and Cole Haan bag
    659122240306_0_ALB.jpg 791463930306_0_ALB.jpg 969122240306_0_ALB.jpg d672_12.jpg 769122240306_0_ALB.jpg
  6. Great collection! Thanks for posting! ;)
  7. :yes:thanks margaritamix!!!! I think with these here I may start to feel at home.....
  8. Love the IF, it's just different enough! :love:
  9. Beautiful collection! thanks for sharing!
  10. I love your Slate Kooba Nina!!
  11. Great collection!
  12. I love your Koobas! When I was shopping for my first designer purse it came down to a final decision between a Kooba and a Chloe. The Chloe won, but only because of the color.
  13. :sad:thanks the slate kooba has not arrived yet. problems at customs
  14. great collection.
  15. Great collection!!!!!