LC'S Chanel eyeglasses

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  1. I'm so mad! I just bought my eyeglasses about a month & 1/2 ago and now I'm in love with Lauren's chanel eyeglasses....

    Did anyone watch "The Hills" this past monday night?

    She was wearing them on her first day of fashion school.

    Anyone know the model # ?
  2. i don't know the model number...but they are really cute!

    Chanel 3044-H 3044H c.503 Blue 52mm Plastic Eyeglasses
  3. I totally noticed them. They were adorable.
  4. yeah they were cute on her... I think I seen these at lens crafter
  5. I saw these at an optical store at the mall and the SA said that the next day the three colours in that style sold out!
  6. nvmd. i thought u guys were talking about the ones she had on when spencers sister was in her class that first day.
  7. Anyone have a picture? I don't watch that show but am curious to see what they look like, as I may be getting eyeglasses myself.
  8. yeah, I also thought you were talking about the one LC was wearing when Stephanie Pratt was in the class with her.
    I just looked up Chanel 3044-H 3044H c.503 Blue 52mm Plastic Eyeglasses but i dont think those are the ones from the episode I was thinking of....
  9. This is the best pic I could come up with (courtesy of MTV's website) - you can't see the side though.


    They have some crystals (or something glittery) on the sides. I also don't think they are the 3044 model.
  10. Thanks STP, those look very nice on her! And not too small either. I can see how these would sell out, very attractive looking on her.
  11. go to
    and about less than a minute into the clip you can see her and there are shots of her glasses from the side. I dont know how to get a snapshot to post it here....
    it looks like quilted sides with either crystals or metal studs....
  12. I think the style number is 3093.
  13. ok, those are mine! i got them about a year ago. When i went to lenscrafters they were all sold out. And they are 3093's with studs and "quilted" sides. Oh, but last time i checked lenscrafters did have an eyeglass with the same sides, but with a metal front. i didnt like it at all. but some may that are looking for this style.
    Far right
  14. Ooh I noticed it as well! She looks good with them on. :smile:
  15. i never thought of buying prescription glasses by chanel... wow a whole new world has been opened. haha