LCD screen on my digital camera is all white?

  1. Has this happened to anyone? I have a Sony Cybershot and the LCD screen has gone blank white... no clue why. :confused1:
  2. Give the Sony Customer Service folks a call. They certainly could help you out.
  3. ITA, I hope it's fixable. I am addicted to my digital and never leave home without it.
  4. Thanks, Twinkle. I did call Sony but they weren't much help, especially as this camera is already outdated. I wanted to take pictures of my new apartment for my folks so they could rest assured I'm not living in some cochroach infested hovel! lol
  5. i have a sony too and it is a u40, the screen went blank. it can still snap and all but i just can't view it. i brought it in to fix last year and it was costly, now it happened again. i am not buying another sony ever again! i love this camera coz it is super small and sleek looking.
  6. Poutine, I know! With the cost of fixing the darn thing, I could just buy another digital camera. Shucks. I think I will have to do that.