LC Never Takes a Break From Her Fashionable Life

  1. LC was looking casually stylish hitting the stores in LA with her BFF Lo.

  2. Here's more...

  3. ^They look cute.
  4. i love her style!
  5. She always looks great. I read someplace that she has to buy all her own clothes (eg, no budget courtesy of "The Hills"), not that she's hurting for $ but she still chooses wisely.
  6. I like her bag.:love:
  7. Lo has a fake bbag...gross!
  8. Hmm are you sure? It might just be one of those designer "inspired" bags that just looks a lot like a bbag.
  9. man oh man, only she can pull off the skinny w/ flip-flops!
  10. This girl always looks very cute. I like her casual-with-a-twist-of-glamor style
  11. both look very cute.
  12. I love LC. She looks good no matter what she's wearing
  13. Lo has improved soooo much since Laguna Beach! she looks fab!
  14. What is her bag??? Lauren's, that is...?
  15. I am curious about Lauren's bag as well. Its so cute!