LC & Audrina Patrige With Nicole Richie

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  2. hanging out and having fun.
  3. They all looks cute & casual! It was sad to find out The hills is partly scripted.
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  5. Hmm I wonder if Nicole Richie got a fish to put in the nursery!!


  6. (last picture in last set of pictures!)
  7. What is Audrina's black bag?
  8. Wow Nicole...pregnancy is the best thing that could of happened to her. Check out her cleavage. LOL She looks happy and healthy!

    Now onto the other ones. Although I am glad she has one on, I don't need to know the color of Lauren's bra. There are sports bras and such. She looks tacky and I usually think she looks adorable.
  9. I think Nicole and Audrina are wearing the same sandals!
  10. i wonder how they became friends? maybe they hang out in the same circle.
  11. I don't know if they are friends with Nicole because of how Lauren dated Brody after Nicole did. I guess they are friends now? I don't know, but I love Lauren and Audrina hanging out with Nicole. I love Nicole's black city!!! Does Audrina have a Kooba bag?
  12. lol nm i was wrong..looked like same shoes at one angle!!
  13. nicole looks great, pregnancy really suits her!
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  15. nicole looks so much healthier and cuter, it's great!