LC and Heidi (from "The Hills") at the US Open

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    P.S. I think LC is carrying a fake MJ Stam. I think.
  2. Can't see the pics...
  3. Can't see the picseither, please repost or we'll have to close this.
  4. Yes her bag is for sure fake!!
  5. On the first season of Laguna Beach, she has admitted to having fakes. But I'm sure not all of her bags are. After all (for the girls who watched the show) we all know how rich she is (and the rest of them!).
  6. I don't think they are "rich"... they just spend a lot of money on things... rich people don't necessarily spend tons of money on bling you know : )
  7. The less you spend the richer you can be, and that's what makes some people rich ("The Millionaire Next Door" idea).
  8. i think most of her bags are 'inspired.' that's definately not a real stam. the people that are REALLY rich are usually quite low-key about it, in my experience.
  9. That is very true....except for the nouveau riche who don't know the definition of "understated". I live in Miami and the place is littered with newly rich people who flaunt their wealth at every turn. It is quite tacky. :rolleyes:
  10. I love LC! She's so pretty, and I she was my favorite person to watch on Laguna Beach and The Hills :smile: I think her bag is cute, but I can't tell an inspired MJ from a real one.
  11. True, some people cannot tell an inspired MJ from a real one. But for me, if I can't afford it, I would never carry a knock off. That's not my thing.
  12. im sure 99.9% of the ppl on this site agree with that, myself included!
  13. Hiedi would look so much better with a little curl in her hair.
    Love the US Open chic, though.
  14. Maybe she didn't know it was inspired? I doubt it, considering she was a fashion assistant for Teen Vogue :lol: But I still like her!

    Though to me, there's something so much more fulfilling about carrying the real thing..