LB exclusive black MAC

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm looking to buy my first RM bag, and I think I'm going to get the black MAC currently up at Luna Boston (with the gunmetal hardware). Silly question, but is the pictured bag the exact bag I'd get, or a slightly different prototype? I got burned once with the hardware color on a Botkier so I'm wondering. Does it have the signature embossed hardware on the front, or the hook that's pictured on the LB site? And has anyone ordered it yet? Are they shipping early?

  2. They've actually had this MAC for a while. It was so popular it sold out so they are getting more in. The dogleash clasp on the front is what you will get. The signature hardware is out of season and only done in special orders now plus it never came in gunmetal. The MAC is fab!!! Quite a few ladies on here have one and it gets rave reviews. :tup:
  3. I have it and love it!!! :love: The leather is buttery!
  4. Ditto Knas. I have that MAC and it's TDF! The leather is buttery soft and the blue zipper is a nice pop of color. You won't be disappointed.
  5. LB is one of the top rated retailers for RM bags, what you see is what you get :yes:
  6. Thanks, ladies! I'm waiting on payment for a bag I sold on Bonanzle, and was going to order the MAC as soon as the funds came through, but I may not end up waiting ;)

    Thanks for the feedback!