lazy sellers :rant:

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  1. I am a seller myself, and when a potential buyer asks a question or for more pictures, I do what I can to get their demands met so they'll buy my item. I can't STAND lazy sellers. I found a LV wallet and the seller took crappy pictures. There were 9 days left in the auction. So I asked the seller to send clearer pictures. I get a message today stating, "I'll send them if I can but I doubt I can before the auction ends." There are SEVEN days and 13 HOURS left in the auction, and you're not sure if you can send them in time?! :wtf: I also asked for the reserve and they didn't answer that.
  2. I had so many experiences with lazy sellers like that. No matter how much I want to bid on the item, I would rather stay clear. I can't imagine the kind of the response I will get if I won the item and have the problem with it.
  3. I agree its shocking. Its like, do you actually WANT to sell this item or not! I would not buy from this seller however lovely the item is. They do not deserve your custom!
  4. Yknow, this is actually a good way to find out if your seller is even paying attention to the auction. I wish I'd asked for more pics of the one I'm disputing, because if I didn't get an answer back, I'd know to not to bother bidding. (Note to self for future bidding, if any.)
  5. As a seller, I am always willing to take additional pics or answer any questions quickly. After all, I really want to sell my item or I wouldn't be listing it! And I know that as a buyer, I want to know exactly what I am getting into. It always surprises me when sellers do not respond or say that they cannot do it. Those auctions, I always stay away from.
  6. As a seller and buyer on e-bay, I agree, if a seller is too lazy to answer your questions (and timely), move on, there's always the next great deal!! I made a buying mistake, my fault, the seller didn't answer my question re: non-smoking home, and when the bag arrived it had a funky smell. It was a bag that was hard to find, so I went for it without hearing from the seller, their feedback was good, so I took a chance. Now, no matter how badly I want the item (usually bags), if the seller doesn't answer my questions to my satisfaction, I won't buy the item.
    I've also made some great handbag purchases on e-bay.
    As a seller, I go out of my way to answer questions, send more pics, and BE TRUTHFUL.
    We all want to feel secure in our purchases. There are a good sellers on e-bay, and there are bad sellers, I find the questions can be a key in getting to know the seller.
    When in doubt, ask, ask, ask!!
  7. ITA about the smoking. I ALWAYS ask about smoking - in fact, its ridiculous how few sellers disclose it either way so I feel like I have to always ask even though I've asked about a hundred times and think two sellers told me they lived in a smoking home. The ONE time I didn't got it....a smoker. UGH!

    BTW, oddly, very oddly, the sellers who claimed to be nonsmoking...were. I have an extremely sensitive nose. My family calls me 'the nose' sometimes because I'm put off by odors no one else can smell. Anyway, supposedly 38% of all US households contain at least one regular smoker - and yet I've only encountered about 4-5% smoking HHs on Ebay (it's more than 2% because I bypass items that are disclosed)...anyway, you would think that doesn't make sense, but I swear I've never gotten a smoky item from somewho who claims to be from a nonsmoking household. Must be the item selection?
  8. Me too! My husband has finally gotten used to me in public places suddenly whipping my head around and saying "somebody just lit up so we have to leave!" LOL
  9. Ugh! This one of my HUGE complaints! I ask simple questions like "what are the dimensions" and "what are the specific points of wear?" and sometimes get no response. But there are many good sellers out there- I recently asked a seller about the wear on a bag and not only did I get a quick reponse but I also got 7 photos! :nuts:
  10. An update on the seller who said they don't know if they have time to send pics. There are still TWO days and 21 hours left in the auction, not a peep from the seller. Obviously they don't want to sell their item.
  11. Yes, it is annnoying.. if I dont get the response that I need I just move on nobody on Ebay or in the stores is worth my time if I am going to be treated like that.