Lazy LV zippers?

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  1. Hiya!

    So my Keepall 45B DA rom 2009 is kind of lazy. It hasn't been used a lot and thinking that may be the reason but, does anyone here have any tips on how to make it smooth if possible? Actual remedies? The zipper has not tarnished, just extremely "new" or tight if that's the word.. Is there a post about it you can point me to? Thanks guys!!!!!

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  2. I've never tried this but I've read of others using wax paper - rubbing it along zipper - and they said it works.
  3. Thanks! I'll see if I can't find some! Jerusha mentioned in one of her videos that LV oiled her vintage Keepall zipper for her. Do they still do that for customers...? I could ask next time I go there perhaps!
  4. I've brought items in to LV where they used wax but in the end they sent it in for repair to get a new zipper. The zipper should flow smoothly and not be "sticky". That drives me crazy!
  5. I tried some candle wax today and it made it a little better, however I'm not sure if it's just like a band-aid short term fix on this one, only time will tell. If it is, I might get them changed. The bag is from 2009 so I'll have to pay but that's fine.. Or I won't do anything as it's functional but tight. Since its a Keepall and not my everyday bag I don't have to deal with it every day. Just when I get to my room or wherever I'm going or the days I use it. But sticky zippers drives me nuts too! Thanks for sharing your experience! Much appreciated
  6. That is one new keepall, esp from 2009. It's gorgeous and definitely well maintained and used.
  7. Thank you so much!! I love this thing. I love the older "padded" shoulder pad, and the thick but soft canvas. So well made!! It's a lovely weekender for the car! But I haven't used her much and that might be the reason the zipper is tight. It's definitely not tarnished:smile: Maybe because I don't go in and out like I do with my everyday bags it basically is just zipped opened when I pack, or unpack! Hopefully it will smooth itself out! Thanks again:smile:
  8. Hi there! I have also been told by LV to use a pencil and scribble on the zipper before and it worked! The graphite from the pencil apparently lubricates the zipper. Just be super careful because this is a light colored bag if you are brave enough to try it!


    I hope your zipper starts running smoothly soon! Your bag is beautiful :love:
  9. There's no way I am using wax on a brand new LV.
    Zipper sticks it's going back.
  10. Hi there;) Oh thank you! I thought about it, but in scared the lead will blead out in the cotton trim around the zip. For now it's a little better and I'm thinking of unzipping and zipping it a few times a day and see:smile: I might try the vegetable oil route if not as a last solution but hopefully the candle wax and daily zipping will do the trick! 😘
  11. I haves used lead from a pencol, and I've also send chapstick, which is probably similar to wax. Both work well.
  12. Great idea! I'll add that to my list! Thanks!
  13. Wax paper works great and it doesn't damage the bag, I have used on zippers on leather bags and canvas bags.
  14. Hi there! It's not new. It's from 2009, but not used a lot so I guess it's kind of new in that sense, but it won't be looked upon like that at the LV boutique and I'll have to pay now.
    Which is fine but if the wax method will keep it the way it is now ( a lot better, but not buttery smooth) I might just use this method till the zipper breaks. Then change it:smile:
  15. Getting some tomorrow!:smile: thanks!:smile:
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