Lazy Lucy!!

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  1. Hello everyone!!

    I just posted a thread on Lucy yesterday but I couldn't help sharing these pics. This is how I just found her lazy arse this morning LOL. Soakin' up some sun on one of the old lawn chairs!

    I love her so dearly. You should've seen her holding her plate in her mouth outside the kitchen door the other day, demanding her food!
    Imagen 007.jpg Imagen 006.jpg
  2. she's beautiful!!! is she a pit bull? my boston terriers are sun bathers, even in the hellish summer they like to go layout in the sun for a bit....crazy dogs! my cocker is the complete opposite, he will only go out if he can manage to stay in the shade, he's such a smart boy.
  3. Why thank you!! Yes, she's a pit bull and the love of my life. I was scared to death when my dad brought her home because I kept hearing horror stories about the breed.. but you wouldn't believe what smart and loving dogs they are!

    LOL about your terriers! Don't they all look cute sunbathing?
  4. She sure is enjoying herself! LOL!
  5. ahhhh what a life! LOL
  6. What an angel!!
  7. i've known some wonderful pit bulls in my life... one of my friends had one that would give their parrot "piggy" back rides.
  8. Thats so cute!! My dogs loves to lie down in the sun too..
  9. so adorable.
  10. Pit Bulls make great pets. Sadly, it's the humans and their greedy and controling ways that gave the breed a bad name.

    I love that picture of her on the lawn chair! Tip, the Terrier gets in my recliner with the 200. Pendleton woll blanket on it and snoozes. She's there right now! Her "pet" cat used to like to lay on the top of the backrest, but she discovered Tip could throw her off of it when she would jump down from the seat and it would rock, throwing the cat on the floor.
  11. What a beautiful dog! I'm a huge fan of the pink nose.
  12. lol very cute!!!
  13. lol, adorable!
  14. They do make great pets, Speedy! I wouldn't trade her for the world. LOL at your Terrier! It's so much fun to watch pets interact. It's like they become human sometimes.
  15. She is adorable! I have heard all the horrible stories but I have never met a Pitt that wasn't as sweet as could be. My neighbor had one that used to come over and visit with him. The dog and my cat Bella used to groom each other. You can imagine the bath that poor cat got with that giant Pitt tongue. :p