Lazy days for a spoiled dog!

  1. When I was home recently I realized just how spoiled my dog is... he lounges all day, goes outside to swim when he wants to, and then has all of us give him our undivided attention (just like it all should be! :p )

    Here are some pics I snapped of him:

    Hard life :rolleyes:

    Grey beard!

    He REALLY thinks the pool is a HUGE water bowl- he ONLY plays in the huge first step and bites at the water and jumps around, so cute! :love:
  2. Awww! What a big ol' lover! How old is he?
  3. He is lovely!!!
  4. Christine- he is 9!! He is getting older... but still plays like a puppy!
  5. Well the gray makes him look very distinguished. He's very cute. :smile:
  6. :heart: :heart:

    whadda life! I love it! He is handsome!:jammin:
  7. Man, sometimes I wish I could be a dog. He is very lucky to have such a cool mom, LOL. I wish I could lay around and play in a pool. Some dogs are so lucky:roflmfao: !!!!
    I love labs!!!! He is very cute.
  8. He looks sooo cute with that face. I love the pic of him laying down. Looks like my pup when he lays like that... :heart:
  9. Thats so cute! I love the one with only his paws in the pool hehe what a funny guy :smile:
  10. Look at that face... awww:girlsigh:
  11. Oh my baby can relate. She enjoys all day napping, playing with her toys, and being loved by her parents all day. It's rough. I wish I could trade lives with my dog for a few days lol.
  12. And what is wrong with a life like that, Megs?;) Sounds pretty good to me! He's a beauty; so sleek-looking. I can tell he works hard for his lifestyle.:love:
  13. What a cutie!!! Just look at those eyes!!! :love:

    I wish my puppy was an inside doggie... :sad:
  14. I adore him! Thanks for sharing!
  15. He's beautiful:love: Thanks for showing those photos, Megs!