LAZY!!!!!!!!!! And feeling guilty!!!!

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!! Im in my room, on my bed with 7,000 pillows all around me, my 2 pups napping, very comfy, surfing the forum (for hours now) having a martini, watching Whose Wedding is it Anyway. I get up (to refill the ol drinky poo) and I look out my window, there is a boat going by with a guy water skiing, then there is another boat with someone knee boarding, THEN to add insult to injury a damn jet skier goes by!!! All in 5 seconds. Our boat is on it lift and here I sit...I FEEL SO GUILTY AND LAZY!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else being lazy today?
  2. I am being super lazy as well. I went out last night and got home very late last night... er, maybe I should say early this morning. :P I've been playing on the computer and relaxing on the couch with my dogs for most of the day. No plans to change that today, either! I'm going to read and keep watching Bridezillas, haha.
  3. Watching ANTM marathon here. Been sick since Thursday, no gym for me :sad:

    Feeling fat
  4. Sunshine, your post cracked me up! Don't worry about it! Sounds like an ideal day to me ;). In fact, if I were lying in bed with all those pillows, I'd be yelling for someone ELSE to refill that drink!
  5. lol me either, tooooo many blisters on my feet from last night.

    I have studied a bit today but not really done much. One has to be lazy occasionally to avoid exhaustion!
  6. hey every once in awhile we gotta self indulge and recharge. Enjoy!!
  7. I am being lazy - but against my will. DH is at work right now and I have nothing to do.... :sad:
  8. oh im sooo lazy today, I woke up at like 12:30, and have sat in bed surfing the web all day. Dont worry, Sundays are meant to be lazy :heart:
  9. WOwie Jamie you sounds VERY comfy!!! Must be NICE to live by the beach!

    I've been in my pjs still all day.
  10. Don't feel guilty -- I dream about doing what you are doing right now. Instead, I'm at work (on a Sunday! Yuck!) and trying to work, but instead getting distracted by the forum and wishing that I was taking a nap.
  11. Lazy day here, too! Actually, it's been weird, totally random day for me. I've started a gagillion small strange projects and have yet to finish one...

    I've also been watching the Who's Wedding Is Anyway marathon for the past two days! Don't feel guilty--we all need a lazy day!
  12. LOL...I just changed my Pjs into fresh ones so I felt like I did something today!!!
  13. I only wish my day was like yours, Sunshine!

    I'm slightly hungover :throwup: The BF and I are painting the bathroom, I have a guy coming this evening to pick up some musical equipment I sold, someone else came over earlier to pick up our office desk that BF sold, and I have piles of laundry and dirty dishes staring at me in the face :Push: The laundry is definitely not getting done today :nogood:
  14. Take it from me, a fellow type A neurotic overachiever, sometimes ya just gotta chill and rest. Your body needs to rest and nap, do it.
  15. Yeah I'm being lazy to, I'm supposed to be doing my hair and I just can't get started I just made me a cup of coffee so I could get more comfy in front of the purse forum:yes: